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Health Reset (One on One Coaching)-$195 weekly, 8 week minimum
The MOST successful plan, best for those with Serious/Chronic Issues

*Important* Many people try to “heal” themselves and can cause more problems if not done correctly.


Before you attempt to do ANY detoxification or healing program you must make sure that ALL your detoxification pathways are open.

This includes the Liver, Kidneys, Blood, Colon, and Lungs.


One must be VERY careful with taking herbal products, fasting or a detox program to heal themselves without FIRST opening these pathways or the toxins will circulate in the bloodstream and reabsorb back into the body causing MORE inflammation and additional problems.

This is where working with a Certified Holistic Practitioner comes in!

Your Wellness Coach will first conduct a detailed virtual interview with you, getting to know your health history, your medications, surgeries, and dental health history.


Then we put together a PERSONALIZED holistic plan for you that includes very simple and easy to find organic food and herbs that will be boiled into a tea and taken 1-2 times daily during your program.

Your program comes in 4 Phases, and you will not go into the next phase of your program until we are sure that your body is ridding the toxins daily with at LEAST 2 bowel movements. If you are having trouble getting your bowels to move to eliminate toxins we will suggest additional herbs, massages, deep breathing, and other natural practices to achieve results.


One coaching session with your counselor during the program to see if modifications are needed.

Here are the 4 Phases you will go through (Most can achieve results within 6-8 weeks)

  • Phase I- Cleanse Liver/Kidneys. Done with SPECIFIC FRUITS, VEGETABLES and HERBS.

  • Phase II-Adrenals/Colon/Digestive system support-Done with additional herbs and specific fruits and vegetables.

  • Phase III-Extract Toxins from the body/Detoxify/Purify the cells/Break up acids, mucus, parasites, infection, etc. This is done with stronger herbs as you continue to eat the healing foods. (VERY STRONG DETOX PHASE!)

  • Phase IV-Rebuilding Phase-Add good bacteria back to the body since we removed so much BAD bacteria.  We add in Probiotics, kimchi or sauerkraut, yogurt and cooked veggies like kale greens, sweet potatoes, cooked cabbage, brown rice.

  • Maintenance Plan- Transition back to eating regular whole foods and meals to sustain your new healthy body and cells! Items such as Wild Caught Seafood, Grass-Fed beef, Turkey burger, Chicken breast, are introduced back into your diet (If you are ready to go back to regular eating. Some people opt to stay Whole-food, Plant-Based longer for additional healing of the body)

  • One Consultation with your Coach by phone, for support and modifications if needed.

  • Shopping list for herbs and food included


Must have a consultation first, to make sure this is a good fit for you and your Wellness Coach.

Please click here to schedule a quick consultation

Client's amazing testimonies of healing on the Reset Program! 
Nickol lost 33 lbs in six weeks on the Reset Plan, A1c went from 7.5 to 5.9 and OFF All meds! 
Click here to here to watch her Video interview
Lakeisha lost 22 lbs in 5 weeks, and off her Diabetes meds after 30 years of taking insulin!
Click here for her amazing story! 
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