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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the detox work if I am not in the same state as you?
Modern technology has allowed for some amazing things! The detox group “meets” in a closed, private group via FB that only the members can access and see. This allows 24/7 communication. All shopping lists, menus, pictures, posts and wellness checks are done via FB during the entire 21-days. Any personal consultations or one on ones are done via phone, chat or conference call. 
Where do I buy most of the food?
The majority of the produce can be purchased from any local grocery store. We suggest organic produce, but if it’s not available or affordable, you are given alternatives. The rest of the items can be purchased from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Meijers, Marianos, or even your local Health Food store. If you don’t have any of these stores in your area, we can find a similar store that sells the same products.
How much does the food cost during the detox?
The first week is the most expensive because you are buying staple items such as coconut oil, sesame seed oil, apple cider vinegar, and etc that will last during the entire detox and beyond. The first week is usually around $125, (some have spent less, some have spent a little more). The second & third week is usually around $75, (sometimes the 3rd week is even less). Again it depends on what store you have in your area and what brands you buy. If you buy all of your items from Whole Foods you will be at the highest end of the budget. If you purchase from Trader Joe’s you will be right around budget and I have found that Meijers is even less than both stores. I have even found that Aldi now carries organic produce, so for those who have it in their area, I would suggest you start there first.
If I do your program can you guarantee my success?
No one can make any guarantees, not even Doctors. Having said that, I have never had someone do the detox and any personal modifications as suggested, that did not have either weight loss or healing in their body, most have both! I have never had anyone not lose weight on the detox as of yet.
How long have you been running 21-day detox programs?
As of this publication (March 2014), almost two years. 
Should I stop taking my medication once I start the detox?
Absolutely not! No one can take you off your medication except your doctor. However, sometimes your success is so drastic and so sudden that you may want to call your doctor to see if he can modify your medication once your numbers fall into normal range. This happens most often with diabetic clients as the sugar levels usually drop and stabilize within days on the detox. Most that are on insulin are usually taken off early in the detox by their doctor. 
Why is your program so inexpensive?
The reason I do not charge much at all for my services is because I have a passion to help! I am seeing so many people dying unnecessarily from diseases that can easily be controlled by eating the right foods and getting the right supplements. It is not about the money for me, it is about bringing someone into awareness. Once they see how the body responds during the 21-days, most will continue on with a healthier lifestyle and eating. I try to keep my fee very reasonable and affordable to everyone. I remember when I was looking for someone in my field to advise me, the lowest price I found was approximately $175 for a 30-minute consultation, the highest was $375. I was discouraged and therefore I wanted to be different to draw more people into the program.
Do you only advocate a Vegan diet?
I advocate a whole-food, holistic diet. That means clean eating with whole foods as much as possible. I no longer use the name “vegan” because neither my detox plan nor the maintenance plan falls under that category. I don’t like being held to names. We do use raw honey during the detox and some die-hard vegans would have a fit and say that honey is from animals (bees) and “vegans” don’t use, eat or wear anything made from animals. We eat a plant-based diet during the detox, and I give the participants a transition plan for introducing pastured, grass-fed, and organic meats back into their diet, properly combined as not to reintroduce ailments. Some find that they prefer to stick with the plant-based lifestyle for further results. For those that do continue, I strongly emphasize the need for certain nutrients and vitamins to reduce the risk of deficiencies. I have learned that certain blood types require some animal protein or they may become severely deficient. So, while the plant-based diet is recommended for the healing of the body, everyone cannot eat plant-based food only, the rest of their lives.
Are you a vegan?
I am not a vegan. Again, I don’t use labels. I utilized a plant-based diet to heal my body of fibroids, sinus infections, arthritis, gum infections, and many other ailments for about a year. I now eat some wild-caught salmon, and pastured chicken and eggs, and tons of fresh, organic, fruits and vegetables daily. I have one of those blood types that require animal protein, or I become severely deficient. I still advocate for a plant-based ONLY diet while you are seeking healing of your body and while detoxifying, and I myself do intermittent fasting or a detox approximately every six to eight weeks.
What kind of conditions have you personally seen reversed during YOUR detox?
I have personally seen surgery scars began to heal, tooth infections and tooth pain go away, headaches gone, blood pressure and sugar levels lowered or normalized, severe digestion issues reversed, asthma and allergies gone, herpes sore disappear and symptoms go away, skin rashes heal, muscle and joint pain dissipate, back pain disappear, breast cancer lumps shrink or disappear, hair and nails grow, vision restored to perfect or better, and so many more that I can’t remember at this time.

What makes your detox more desirable than Jenny Craig, weight Watchers or any other detox out here?
Well, I can say that stories and testimonies speak for themselves. I have people tell me that what sets my program apart is the dishes. I am repeatedly told that my dishes are amazingly delicious, very flavorful and savory; in fact most people are afraid they won’t lose any weight because the food is so good, and are shocked when they have significant weight loss within the first five days. Also, most weight loss plans concentrate on weight loss, I concentrate on the healing aspects. In fact, if someone wants to join my program only to lose weight, I suggest they try a different program. Not because they won’t lose weight, they always do, but because I want them to concentrate on the amazing healing benefits of the program. Also, how many detox programs do you know that allow you to eat curry vegetable soup, Asian teriyaki flavored dishes, chocolate pecan clusters, chocolate frosty, Real strawberry shakes made from scratch, Pina colada smoothies and so much more?
How do we make the payment?
Payments are made thru a secured PayPal website and can be either by a PayPal account, credit or debit card. I never see ANY of your personal information as a merchant, I only receive confirmation that you have enrolled. Paypal is a very reputable processing company and have never had any issues with security breaches that I am aware of.
Can I mail my payments to you if I don’t like using credit cards or PayPal?
Unfortunately, I am not set up to accept manual payments. All payments must be made thru the secure PayPal site at this time. Perhaps in the future, we will expand to be able to include check and money order payments, but at this time we are unable to do so. I would hate to see you lose out on the awesome benefits of the detox for something so minor, so I hope you go ahead and step out on faith. I have been using PayPal for online purchases for years and I can assure you, it’s very secure and confidential.

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