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About The Detox Program

21-Day Detox Program (Detoxify the colon, liver, kidneys and rid the body of parasites, yeast and bacteria)


Cost: $70



  • Monitoring by a Natural Health Counselor in the closed forum during the 21-Day Group sessions.

  • Full shopping list with easy to find ingredients.

  • Full menu with delicious, easy to make meals and dessert daily.

  • Closed group via social media for daily monitoring and support.

  • An opportunity to give your body the rest it deserves from toxins & processed food so it can heal the way nature intended.

"I am so enjoying this detox! This is the best detox I have ever done! I am eating things like Curry vegetable soup, which is absolutely 

dee-licious btw, Teriyaki collard green wraps, pina colada smoothies and chocolate covered raisins!! Who would have thought? I lost 8lbs the first week and haven't had to use my asthma inhaler since starting the dee-tox!


I am in awe. Thanks so much DOREEN! Team Dee-tox! "

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