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Water Fasting-Take the challenge, change your life! 

The longer you fast in a day, the more healing benefits happen to your body

-Dr. Mindy Perez-

Pouring Clear Water

Hosted by Doreen Germany-C.N.H.C-
Helping people heal themselves naturally since 2014! 

24-36 hour fasting challenge! 

Water Fasting Timeline

12 hours-14 hours-The body begins using stored fat for energy instead of burning glucose. Human Growth Hormone begins to increase. This is the hormone that promotes muscle mass and fat metabolism in adults. 

This process helps shrink loose skin! 

18-Hours-Your body is now in FULL fat burning mode.

24-hours-Autophagy begins, recycling old cells with new ones.

This is an AMAZING and natural cleaning out process that begins in the absence of food, the body begins to HEAL itself!

36-hours-Metabolism speeds up, Body has done some major healing! 

Fasting has MANY benefits! 

10-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge begins Monday Feb 20th! 

Pre-fast 3-Days Prior

Cost $55

  • Group and community support
  • Monitoring by a Natural Health Counselor
  • Guidance on the following;
  • How to eat leading up to the fast.
  • Give you the correct minerals and items to consume WHILE FASTING.
  • Show you how to monitor your levels to know when you need to stop fasting.
  • Show you how to eat on OFF days.
  • How to properly break a fast!

Fasting Schedule

  • Pre-Fasting Days leading up to the challenge-Fast for 12-14 hours. (7pm-7am)

  • 10 Days Fasting-Fast Monday, eat Tuesday, Fast Wednesday, eat Thursday, Fast Friday, Eat Sat and Sunday

  • Modified Fasting Plan for Diabetics and those taking Medication. 


  • Maintenance After fasting

Items Needed

  • Water Bottle-96 oz or more, BPA free

  • SeaSalt 

  • Lemons 

  • Specific Herbal teas 

  • Simple Food list-Provided during the challenge. 

Young Dietitian

Take Back your Health, Take Back your Life! 

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