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Real Clients & Real Results

Testimonies of healing and weight loss from previous detox challengers.

Janice before and after

I have completed two of your 21-day detox programs and TO DATE I HAVE LOST 39.4 LBS! I don’t know how many inches I lost, but today I am wearing a skirt that I haven’t worn in THREE years, and I STILL have room in it! I can hardly believe it! My abscessed tooth was healed and the pain that I suffered in my right knee before my journey has FINALLY left! I FEEL GREAT! Love Y'all! Woohoo!"

Jewel testimony

I went from 195 and size 11/12 down to 150 and size 6! Even my teeth have become stronger and whiter! I have more energy, strength and endurance. I was able to complete the T25 workout and I nailed it! I have done the 21-day detox twice and I now incorporate the food into my life for myself and my family. I am eating things I never thought I would like such as coconut oil and coconut milk yogurt.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 1.47.54 AM.png

Keona testimony

I had high blood pressure and was taking meds EVERY DAY. Being on steroids made me want to eat all the time found myself never being full so one day I decided to go to the doctor because I just wasn't myself anymore. The doctor looked at me and said "I'll give you two options #1 you can live and #2 you can die". My blood pressure was so high that he said I can drop dead at anytime!! That day I decided to live. I began my journey with eating healthy and working out then my next journey was the 21-Day Detox. The detox changed my life! I'm healthy and no longer take ANY MEDS ( blood pressure is normal). Eating healthy was the best life changing decision I ever made!

Before and after

Doreen's testimony-I started this healthy lifestyle in 2013 at 278 lbs and weighed down with several developing health issues. To date I have lost more than 80 lbs and ALL health issues are a thing of the past! 

REAL RESULTS you can see!

See some of the actutal participants and their awesome results from completing the 21-day detox program. Click the arrow to the right to proceed to the next testimony. 

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