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I'm just noticing that I haven't had issues with my sinuses!!!! I have chronic sinus issues and they were a part of my life....waking up congested, extreme headaches and pressure behind my eyes. I had to really think about the last time I had a issue and I believe it was probably the 3rd day of the detox!!! Now I'm waking up breathing freely and not going to bed with tissue!!! I'm totally committed!!! #teamdetox



Good afternoon, today is day 10 of our 21day detox whoo-hoo halfway there and I'm still going strong. The food/drinks are so delicious, after my morning Thai smoothie I can't choose my favorite anymore.



I'm hooked to coconut milk n ginger..Loving my smoothie Thai Coconut this one puts me in a happy warm place!!



I have tried all kinds of diet pill, fad diets, weight watchers, nutri system. U name it i tried it...but it never worked for me. Now i can truly say that i have found something that works well for me and motivates me to do better. Thanks so much Doreen! Team Dee-tox!



Up until 9 days ago, I hurt everyday since my surgery. Since continuing with this Deetox I feel the best I have felt in years and will not go back to feeling like that ever! Thanks Doreen again for you labor of love and thanks to all of you. Reading your supportive posts and pics have made this journey easier!




I can not believe I am sitting at my kitchen table eating the Deliciousness Chocolate Frosty for breakfast and no guilt at all. Awwww this is a perfect recipe Doreen!!!!!!#teamdeetox




I had the chocolate frosty smoothie and said I'm never going back to ice cream! There is no reason to...Luv u for sharing Doreen, I was the life that you have changed.



The Thai smoothie and teriyaki wrap was very, very good! I made about. 8 cups of smoothie. My husband drank 5 :-)


Doreen! May God continue to bless you richly! I appreciate your kindness and willingness to help me become a better me. Love to you.



The one thing u do that sets u apart in my opinion are your real down to earth menus. So many time we pick up books and can't relate to the recipes and can't find half the ingredients in our neighborhood stores. So we get discouraged and give up. You have kept me so interested I try every meal you have on the menu and it has left me satisfied. We all grew up eating soul/comfort food and your menu is dead on. I'm excited about my new lifestyle of eating. Thank u again for sharing!



Testimony time!! Over the past several years I have been suffering with awful cramps that come from me having cysts that grow and shrink with my monthly cycle. Well today praise God, not only have I not had craving for my favorite candy, being irritable or too tired to move, but there is NO PAIN AT ALL! If there was EVER any sort of doubt of fresh fruits and veggies being a natural healer that has gone right out the window!



Testimony time!!!!! I walked 6 blocks today. Why is this a big deal? Because a few short weeks ago i couldn't walk 1 block without a rapid heartbeat!!!! Here i am....NOT out of breath, normal heart rate, and praising God for clarity, direction, and purpose!!!!This is a new way of life for me and I'm just so very thankful! —feeling blessed.



The verdict on the collard green wraps ~ These were soooooooooooo good! The sauce, I could have just drank that! I must not tell a lie, I ate 3 of these things. Everyone in my family ate them, even my child that doesn't like to eat anything.



Doreen, I am so happy that I finally decided to take the plunge and see what you had to offer. Because of you I have eaten food that I have never eaten before, cooking more which saves me money, learning new ways to fuel my body with healthy food that tastes fabulous. I am forever grateful to you and the knowledge, will, determination, and selfless attitude to want to help others.